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Why My Motto “Women Helping Women” is so True

A couple of weeks ago I was in Costco with my husband, Milt. After shopping I suggested we grab a hot dog. Not the healthiest of choices, but boy do I love Costco hot dogs. After preparing it with yummy mustard and relish, I sat down (Milt was now at the counter preparing his own dog). I take a bite and before I know it a piece gets stuck in my throat and I can’t swallow it or force it up.

I realize, “I’m choking!”

There were two women sitting next to me, two in front of me and a woman and a man on the other side of me. The woman sitting next to me said, quite alarmed saw me struggle; “are you alright!?” I’m now shaking my head unable to breath and getting very light headed, flailing my arms and pointing to my throat.

“Oh my God, she’s choking!” The four women surrounding me jump to their feet, but none of them seem to know what to do. “Does anyone know the Heimlich, I don’t know it!”

Very calmly, the woman sitting with her husband got to her feet, and the next thing I remember she grabbed me from behind, bent me over, felt for the right spot, and boom out popped the piece of hot dog!

She saved my life.

hands-1150073_1280-1These 5 women rallied around me to make sure I was OK. As I looked around, quite stunned by what had just happened, I realized that not only had my husband not seen what was transpiring (he was busy preparing his hot dog), but no one else even budged (the place was packed as it was a Saturday afternoon) except these women.

When Milt returned and was told what had just happened, he was stunned, but still no one stood up to see the commotion that the women were expressing. I was unable to speak (it seemed as if my vocal cords were un-usable for the moment). It took about a minute and I started coming back to myself, and I was able to speak again. All of them kept asking if I was OK and I was at that point.

….everyone just went back to eating their lunch and it was over.


I felt dazed, and then I realized that this complete stranger had just saved my life; it felt so surreal. She got up to leave and flew me a kiss (I must have thanked her a hundred times). I leaped out of my chair and hugged her and thanked her once again, and she was gone.

On the way home I realized I never knew her name and she didn’t know mine either and I will probably never see her again or the other women that helped me.

So here I am, sending my thanks and love to those wonderful women who make my logo so significant.


Author: Olga Cohen

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