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Netflix: “Grace and Frankie”

Has anyone seen Season One of Grace and Frankie?

This is a new series about two women who are 70 years old and find themselves divorced and single again after 45 years of marriage, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Of course, as any sitcom, it gets more involved as a story and evolves. It is wonderful to finally recognize a life that includes relationships, children, friendships, and SEX. Finally, a show that really depicts what it’s like to try and understand the emotional roller coaster of two aging women. Here’s the trailer:

Their conversations remind me of the many chats I have with so many of you. We cover topics such as the ones I heard on this show.

I had to smile when I was listening to the episode when Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lilly Tomlin) talk about vaginal dryness and how to use estrogen and paraben free products that Frankie cooks up in her kitchen. What do you think? Any resemblance?

p11408544_b_v8_abI had a conversation today with a new client that has had such painful sex and was looking for a solution. Another woman was nervous because she was widowed and now
after several years of celibacy had a boyfriend. She was so concerned that she would not be able to have sex because it was so painful. Happily, it all ended well and her fear was eliminated because she too went on our program with Vaginal Renewal Complex.

I hear these stories all the time.

My little secret: Give your selves a treat; it’s worth watching all 14 episodes of season 1. The new season starts in May and from what I hear it is even better than the first. It is so refreshing to know that none of us stand alone. We are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN, whether we are educating ourselves by watching this very open Netflix series or just chatting on the phone.


Author: Olga Cohen

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