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International Women’s Day

In recognition of this holiday that used to be called “International Working Women’s Day,” it was re-named to include all women because whether you are working or a stay at home person, we always seem to be working at something.

I started my career when my children were very young. I had to figure out how to go to work, and yet be home for them when they returned from school and still take care of our household, giving them the security we needed as a family. It wasn’t easy, but necessity gives you strength and makes one a stronger person.d5c73f77-de3e-4a17-96dd-0830d12421f4

When I started my own business, it was in the mid-eighties and still difficult for women, especially in manufacturing. I had to hear a lot of, “You’re a woman, what do you know about manufacturing?” That just made me more determined to succeed. I knew the only way to earn a decent living to support my children was to make it on my own–and I did.

When I started, we were all women. There were 7 of us. We cooked our cosmetics in stock pots and hand filled our products and made sure they were perfect. We as women took such pride in what we made. And as we grew, I always made sure that everyone was treated equally, women and men.

International Women’s Day, March 8th, whether it is one day or 365 days, it really doesn’t matter. I love being a woman. I love speaking with women around the country. We together empower each other.



Author: Olga Cohen

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