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Giving Back

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady a few weeks ago. She is the founder of “Mondays at Racine.” Cynthia and her sister Rachel own a hair salon on Long Island called Racine. One Monday of each month, they open up their salon along with their hairdressers, to cancer patients, where they cut their hair, apply make-up, eye lashes etc.

They do this at no charge. All services are for free! It has been so successful that they have expanded their efforts by encouraging other salons to join in.

That’s how I got to meet Cynthia. My salon, where I have been going for many years–JD Thomas & Co.–qualified as a participant and joined their program. They went through training and a couple of weeks ago they opened up their doors for the first of many Mondays with Racine.

JD Thomas and Co. Staff
JD Thomas & Co. Staff

By the time I arrived to see how it all works, there was not a dry eye in the salon. It is hard enough to go through the chemo and watch your hair fall out as well as your eyelashes and eyebrows. But they stand together, holding hands, weeping and laughing and, as Cynthia says, they find unexpected beauty.

It is a personal fear that can hardly be described if you are not on the receiving end. When Dawn told me that she and her partner John were joining in by giving back, I was so proud of her.

I was watching the documentary that was filmed in 2012 “Mondays at Racine.” by Cynthia Wade, which was up for an academy award, and I was tremendously moved by the women who offered to share their stories and allow us to follow their journey through their difficult process of treatment.

I was tremendously moved while watching the video and realized that these wonderful professionals have given their time and expertise once a month to bring some comfort to these women. There are angels out there.

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Author: Olga Cohen

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  1. Cynthia Sansone
    Cynthia Sansone January 13, 2017

    Thank you for the shout out Olga. You too do wonderful things to help support a sister. We are women helping women, sometimes at its most rawest stages.I am filled with gratitude each time someone allows us to be apart of their wellness regime.In the words of the great Todd Rundgren-” we are all in this together”

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