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Let’s Talk about Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex

Finally! Women are talking about Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex
In a recent article by Jane Brody “Persistence Is Key to Treating Vaginal Pain” in the New York Times, published on August 6, 2012, Ms. Brody explained that vaginal dryness most commonly occurs due to a loss of estrogen. This can be the result of menopause, cancer, and chemotherapy or even from breast-feeding.

Dr. Deborah Coady author of “Healing Painful Sex” urged women with dryness and sexual pain not to give up and to seek relief from this discomfort. But unfortunately she offered the less then adequate solution of using K-Y Jelly or Replens to help make sex more pleasurable. As well as the use of oils four times a day for dryness.

Let me tell you, for me, that is so far from reality, and that is the reason I created Vaginal Renewal Complex. I did try all those other products.  I found them slimy uncomfortable water based products that ruin the moment and feel awful for us women.  It is a quick fix with no long lasting attributes.  That is also true for the oils she suggests in her article.

It was my mission to find a way to insert the right complex of oils directly into the vagina that would NOT interrupt the moment.  It had to be long lasting, not just a quick fix, but rather a daily regiment (not four times a day) that allows the natural moisture to come back and rebuild the thinning of the vaginal wall.

I speak with women all week long, some are sexually active and other are not, but still experience the painful results of vaginal dryness.  When Vaginal Renewal Complex was created, it was not just for sexual activity but for all women who suffer from this very debilitating condition.  I always tell them that the sexual experience in a plus but VRC was truly meant for ALL women to help them feel better.

I had an email from a user last week, she said;

“I really love it.  Truthfully my life has improved because of it; God bless”:

Thank you C.L.  from California.

After speaking with many women, one of their complaints is that their doctors do not sympathize with their issues and give them off the cuff answers.  We do need to try and educate the oncologist about how to handle this situation.  Many women just need to talk about it.

My little secret:  There is a solution

Author: Olga Cohen

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