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Happy Summer!

It’s been some time since I have sat down to write a blog. It’s been such a hectic summer. I can hardly believe it is August and the summer is almost over.

a little bit swirlyThe kids are going back to school. I have had one granddaughter graduate from Stony Brook University and another grandson who graduated high school and is off to University of Colorado at the end of this month. Time is just flying by.

But in line with so many other personal things going on in my life, I have had the opportunity of meeting some new women along the way. We have had some really good conversations about their issues and how they feel when they go on our Vaginal Renewal Complex regimen. Some have even been so kind as to recommend their doctors to me and that has proven to be quite successful.

I spoke with a woman recently whose doctor recommended three over-the-counter products (ours was one of them). She is a naturalist and was quite surprised that all but VRC contained artificial preservatives, water and an array of other ingredients that she did not want to insert into her vagina.

But, her problems were many and we talked about her symptoms. I am hopeful that with the help of Vaginal Renewal Complex at least some of her debilitating condition is alleviated. So far so good! I like to keep in touch so I can hear about her progress.

Another woman I spoke with recently has–as so many of you–had real difficulty having sexual intercourse with her husband. Once again I suggested that she use Vaginal Renewal Complex every day for a couple of weeks and then reduce it to five times weekly. Success! She was smiling again as was her husband, who thanked me for taking the time to speak with both of them.

couple-955930_1280Our list of women keeps growing and that gives me such satisfaction in knowing that I have helped someone just like me.

I was also fortunate to have been on the Lou Paget Show “Sex talk with Lou” on July 11th. It was an hour of honest conversation about sexual behavior and how I came to develop Vaginal Renewal Complex. Lou has been an advocate of our product and has helped me get the word out there. You should check her out as well as my interview. Lou has quite a resume of success as a certified sex educator, author, and radio host.

I don’t know about you, but as I get older, not only do I find that I need help with vaginal dryness, but my body also gets flakey and dry as well as my lips. I keep moisturizing sticks all around the house. Though it makes me feel better, it doesn’t last or change the texture of my dry lips, so we have decided to start working on a moisture stick that actually will make ones lips feel moist and help heal that chapped feeling; I’ll keep you posted!

My little secret: We are always creating new and innovative products to make our bodies feel better, with natural ingredients that are healthy and truly do something special for all of us.


Author: Olga Cohen

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