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Recently, I have had a few questions regarding using coconut oil, rather than Vaginal Renewal Complex, to help eliminate vaginal dryness; so I went to the expert on integrated medicine, Dr. Leo Galland. His response, and I quote, “I don’t think that topically applied coconut oil is dangerous but it only acts as a local emollient or coating; unlike primrose oil, which actually nourishes the cells and makes them more responsive to the low levels of estrogen present in the body.”

However, as I started researching the effects of coconut oil, I found that more that 50 percent of coconut oil is extremely high in fatty acids and saturated fats, which can have an effect on one’s blood cholesterol and actually increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

One should also know that while coconut oil can be used as a sexual lubricant, it is not recommended to be used in conjunction with Latex, which is found in diaphragms and condoms.

It was never my intention to find a quick fix for my vaginal dryness, but to simply make my vagina healthy. The ingredients in Vaginal Renewal Complex were carefully formulated by Dr. Galland and tested in a usage study done in conjunction with Dr. Miriam Greene.

My little secret: Had I felt that using any of the many oils out on the market today would replicate the effects of Vaginal Renewal Complex, I would have used them myself and not questioned their effectiveness.  But coming from a cosmetic manufacturing background, I know that one needs to understand that just because they are “oils,” it does not mean that they all do the same job. With Dr. Galland’s extensive data base of natural ingredients, he has been able to combine his practice of internal and integrated medicine to another level.

Author: Olga Cohen

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