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Grohen Technologies Ltd., GTechnologies , Inner Intimates, Vaginal Renewal Complex, Olgassecret.

Am I confusing you?  I hope not.

Some people question the many names we choose to use when describing our product line.  So I think I can un-confuse you.

Grohen Technologies Ltd. is our corporate name, but our logo reads as GTechnologies; you’ll be seeing a lot of that name around our product line. Just go to and it will bring you to our website.

Inner Intimates is our product brand for Vaginal Renewal Complex and Vaginal Wash with Sponge. Visiting will also bring you into our website.

….and OlgasSecret is our website.  Our group of professionals brings the best and most natural products that I personally use. Find us at

With our newest product, our Intensive Facial Revitalizer Complex, you’ll see a lot of our GTechnologies logo. But no matter what name you go to; always remember that they are all connected.  As our product line grows, so will our name.

But one thing will never change: we are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN.

Author: Olga Cohen

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