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What’s so great about cucumbers……well:
1. Cucumbers come in all shapes and sizes.
2. They never lose their shape
3. And they’re cool and smooth

Why is this on a menopausal blog?
…Because, after menopause the vagina tightens and shortens, resulting in
painful intercourse.
So painful in fact, that the thought of intercourse can make a woman cringe.
I recently attended a sex conference in San Diego (this was a legitimate course folks). Nothing kinky.

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Olga’s Secret to Restoring Vaginal Elasticity after Radiation

Question: Dear Olga, My husband heard about your product on the radio, I am 58 yearsQuestion from cancer survivor old and a cancer survivor. Since my radiation 5 years ago, I have suffered chronic vaginal dryness, making intercourse way too painful. My Dr. wants me to try Entrace but I’m worried about the hormones. My husband recommended that I ask your opinion first.  Do you think it will help me? Everytime I do use something, Replens etc., it burns so I’m a little worried about your product. Please advise. Thank you!

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