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Shea Butter, The Karite Tree and Your Youthful Skin

Karite Tree BranchThis change of season is brutal on our skin. Ladies, this is the time of year I remind you to moisturize from head to toe — but with oil, not lotion. Lotion is water-based. Use pure oil (I like shea oil) after the shower, and let it absorb before putting on your clothes. And don’t forget your feet!

Shea butter has been used for centuries for its unsurpassed ability to protect and regenerate the skin. It comes from the nut of the Karite (ka-ree-tay) tree, which grows throughout West Africa. The Karite nut is edible and contains 1-3 seeds surrounded by a thin brittle hull. The creamy substance, known as shea butter, is produced from these seeds.

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Women Helping Women: My Favorite Time Of The Year

Mom and DadFor those of you who are of the Jewish faith, this starts our New Year with Rosh Hashanah followed by Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I reflect on my life from the past year and look forward to making a difference in the coming year.  I feel very lucky to have both my parents, who are well into their mid and late 90’s, along with my children and grandchildren.  We all celebrate together by breaking our 24 hour fast. I look around and truly feel blessed.

This morning, as always, I walked my adorable little dog Maxie, and noticed that the trees are now changing color.  The days are shorter and the mornings are much cooler.  With this change in weather comes a change in our skin.  Less humidity makes my skin a little dry and itchy. The last thing I want to do is aggravate that by using soaps that contain high levels of Surfactant.

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