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I love Vaginal Renewal Complex and find it to be so soothing. Sometimes I use it on my face and neck.  Could you create a product specifically for the face?”

….and we did!  For the last 6 months, we have been working on an amazing new addition to Grohen Technologies line of products. INTENSIVE FACIAL REVITALIZER COMPLEX was created specially to be used to help restore a healthier looking face and minimize the fine lines and wrinkles.

I have been using IFRC for about three months and I must say my skin looks great!!  Some of my friends even noticed the difference.  I have always taken very good care of my skin.  I use pure oil when moisturizing by body, and after seeing the incredible results of Intensive Facial Revitalizer Complex, I felt, once again, compelled to bring this new innovation to the public.

For me, as I aged, I noticed that my skin became much drier and flakey.  I am not a big advocate of moisturizing with water based crèmes,

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I wrote my last blog Natural is Natural because it is time for everyone to realize that what

Image from Rest Assured Nursing INC

we put on or in our bodies is so important. Coming from the cosmetic manufacturing industry, we all used parabens to preserve our products. But by the late 1990’s, a lot of buzz was being spread about the dangers surrounding parabens in skin care as well as color cosmetics. Methylparaben ,ethylparen, propylparaben, and butylparaben were commonly used. Parabens are synthetic preservatives that are being used in personal care, but also food and pharmaceuticals; allowing for longevity of the product and to meet FDA regulations.

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Shea Butter, The Karite Tree and Your Youthful Skin

Karite Tree BranchThis change of season is brutal on our skin. Ladies, this is the time of year I remind you to moisturize from head to toe — but with oil, not lotion. Lotion is water-based. Use pure oil (I like shea oil) after the shower, and let it absorb before putting on your clothes. And don’t forget your feet!

Shea butter has been used for centuries for its unsurpassed ability to protect and regenerate the skin. It comes from the nut of the Karite (ka-ree-tay) tree, which grows throughout West Africa. The Karite nut is edible and contains 1-3 seeds surrounded by a thin brittle hull. The creamy substance, known as shea butter, is produced from these seeds.

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The secret to youthful radiant skin, what is your skincare regimen?

It is never too early or too late to start caring for your skin.

When I was a teenager, I was prone to get clogged pores and pimples.  It was embarrassing and painful.  I would pick at them every morning before school.  My parents finally sent me to a dermatologist who taught me the importance of keeping my face healthy and clean. And what a difference it made. To this day, I never use harsh soaps to cleanse my face.

But, as I maturClean Beautiful Skined so did my skin.  It was probably my experience as a teenager that drew me to the cosmetic business for so many years. There I learned even more, what is good and not for your skin. I really take good care of my skin.  I get a facial once a month.  I have my face exfoliated, cleansed, I get a glycolic peel and light fusion treatments, each month.  I have been doing that for over 20 years.

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