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After using many different over the counter products to help eliminate vaginal dryness, I realized that it was a quick fix and they simply did not work. Most directed women to use their product on the outside of the vagina as a lubricant.  I found them to be cold, slimy or greasy, and simply made me feel uncomfortable.  They were all re-usable and I felt that could produce a contamination and I simply did not want to use that on my private area.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on these over the counter products, such as Replens, Poise, K-Y Jelly and Astroglide?

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Menopause, Mother Nature and Holiday Madness

Holiday Madness and Self-Care
de-stress during the holidaysWell we made it through Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Like so many women that I talk to, I find remembering “me” during the holiday season to be the most challenging.  This year was no different.

While prepping and preparing my holiday meal and entertaining guests, I forgot to use my Vaginal Renewal Complex for almost a week. But sure enough my body reminded me!

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Shea Butter, The Karite Tree and Your Youthful Skin

Karite Tree BranchThis change of season is brutal on our skin. Ladies, this is the time of year I remind you to moisturize from head to toe — but with oil, not lotion. Lotion is water-based. Use pure oil (I like shea oil) after the shower, and let it absorb before putting on your clothes. And don’t forget your feet!

Shea butter has been used for centuries for its unsurpassed ability to protect and regenerate the skin. It comes from the nut of the Karite (ka-ree-tay) tree, which grows throughout West Africa. The Karite nut is edible and contains 1-3 seeds surrounded by a thin brittle hull. The creamy substance, known as shea butter, is produced from these seeds.

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My Inspiration, My Mentor…My Mother

I am one of those lucky people who have both my parents. My father is almost 97 and Mom is 91.

My mother taught me how to take pride in my body and how to keep my body looking and feeling good. She always set a good example:

Jack LaLanne Exercising
The Jack LaLanne Show

I remember when I was a small child I would go off to school as Mom was turning the television on to exercise with Jack LaLanne.  That took place every day and for ½ hour she concentrated on her routine.

When she would go out, which was almost every Saturday night, she would prep herself by putting her feet up high on her headboard with cool tea bags on her eyes.

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Cancer Survivor complains of severe vaginal dryness

Dear Olga, I am 58 years old and have vaginal issues with extreme dryness.

I had radiation in that area 5 years ago and I think that has compounded my problem. Actually ever since that time intercouse is way too painful. My dr. wants me to try Entrace but I’m worried about the hormones. My husband heard about your product on the radio.

Do you think it will help me? Everytime I do use something, Replens etc., it burns so I’m a little worried about your product. Please advise. Thank you!

Hi: I felt your question needed to be answered by Dr. Greene, so I forwarded your problem to her and this is her response.

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