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Tag: Olga’s Guest Bloggers

GUEST BLOG: You Can Do or Be Anything You Want. Retirement Does Not Mean the End; Only the Beginning of a New Chapter

I feel so lucky to have wonderful and accomplished women in my life. Today I would like to introduce a dear friend who about a…

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Inspiring Women: JoAnn’s Post Menopausal Enlightenment

A Pretty Face This week’s guest blogger is a dedicated and accomplished woman, who I have known  for over 30 years. She has never ceased to amaze me and hers, is a great Human Interest Story that proves that there is nothing that we can’t do if we really put our mind to it, no matter what age we are.

I have been fortunate enough to act in two of her One Act Play Festivals and I hope you are as inspired by her Post Menopausal Enlightenment as I am. It is with the greatest admiration that I introduce my dear friend JoAnn:

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Wendy Collett | (Dance) Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

I am honored to Welcome Wendy Collett from Dry Babe as an Olga’s Secret Guest Blogger, take it away Wendy:

Hot Flash Mob 5
Dr. Eve Agee, Wendy Collett, Olga Cohen and Jeanette De Patie Hot Flash Mobbing in Greeley Square, NYC

We women can be so many contradictory and wonderful things. We can be buttoned up
and professional as well as highly irreverent and silly; we can be a tireless support and an active helper to friends and family while also requiring quite a bit of alone time; we may also be the kind of person who can break out into dance in the middle of NYC while also inwardly cringing at the idea of doing so.