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Dr. Greene | PGAD Question, What’s a woman to do?

After talking to a client who has this most difficult condition PGAD, I thought it was so important to bring this topic to the forefront.  Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, is painful, and can be very irritating to one’s genital area. I asked Dr. Greene to talk more about this disorder:

Dr. Greene discusses the PGAD question. What’s a woman to do?

PGAD also known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder is a newly  identified condition which is characterized by all or one of the following symptoms:
Persistent genital arousal disorder | PGAD

  • Clitorial tingling
  • Irritation
  • Vaginal congestion
  • Vaginal contractions
  • Throbbing
  • Pressure
  • Pain
  • Spontaneous orgasm
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Straight Talk On Women’s Health And Wellness With Dr. Miriam Greene

Every time I appear on Dr. Greene’s sirius radio XM show Doctor Radio: Sexual Health and Gynecology, I get an abundance of calls and emails, such as this one:

“I’m looking forward to using your product!  We were on the road listening when you were on Doctor Radio and my husband was amazed at how frank, sensible, sensitive, caring and informative the program was.  This was a dramatic contrast to another program on men’s health which preceded Dr. Green’s hour.  Thank you for your participation, and for taking the long and hard road to product development for us all.”  (Thanks CK from San Diego California).

Dr. Miriam Greene

Dr. Greene has been my doctor of over 25 years.  She delivered my twin grandsons and one of my granddaughters.  Her compassion and dedication is shown in how she treats her patients.   The way she is in the delivery room is the same as how she is in her office or for that matter on her show. Her knowledge not only includes her expertise with medical facts as it relates to women, but her common sense with women’s health issues is remarkable.

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Postmenopausal Bleeding | Dr. Greene

So I get this call from Estonia ? Does anyone know where Estonia is? Well anyway it’s 2:30 Sunday morning and my pager goes off.

UterusMy darling patient is in Estonia for a wedding and while there she has an episode of bleeding. Not too much but bright red. No cramps or symptoms of her period of course because she is 55 and postmenopausal. Pretty sure I mentioned that. She was alarmed and wanted to know what to do.

So what is postmenopausal bleeding?

  • How do you define it?
  • What does it mean?
  • What should you as a patient do?

Postmenopausal bleeding: Any bloody discharge large amount or
small amount, one year or longer after menopause.

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What is it with these Urinary Tract Infections?

I am ecstatic to welcome Dr. Miriam Greene once again as our guest blogger. You can listen to Dr. Greene’s show “Sexual Health and Wellbeing“, Mondays between 12-2pm on Sirius radio xm81. Take it away Dr. Greene:

Urinary Tract Infections

What is it with these urinary tract infections?

As patients grow older (more mature) they seem to complain more and more of symptoms as well as have urinary tract infections.

• Why is this so ?
• What is happening?
• And is this true?

Well unfortunately it is true. The closer women get to menopause, the more they seem to suffer with UTI’s. Lets explore what is happening.

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I’m So Hot Hot Hot…Does This Ever Stop!

Turtleneck sweaters and hot flashesLong gone are the turtleneck sweaters that I loved to wear. It has been 25 years since I started menopause and I still get those awful hot flashes; certainly not nearly as bad as they were when I first started menopause.

I could feel them coming on. It was like heat forming in the pit of my stomach. It would permeate from the inside out. I knew it would only last for a short while, but these bursts would return continuously throughout the day, at different intervals and almost always at night.

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It Can’t Be Menopause!…Can It?

I woke up one morning and I felt different.  I can’t quite explain it but I just felt that my body was changing. I was 43 years old. “This Can’t Be Menopause!…Can It?” I thought.

sadFrom the time I got my first period at age 12, I suffered the pain of menstruation.  The cramps were unbearable. The first two days of my period, every month, were spent  curled up in bed with a hot water bottle warming my stomach to help with the awful pain that I was experiencing.

I was told that when I had children the discomfort of stomach cramps would subside. But after my third child, they didn’t and to make matters worse I developed another problem called Endometriosis. For those of you who do not know this gynecological disorder that affects over 5 million women, it occurs when the endometrial lining (found inside the uterus) begins to grow on the outside of the uterus causing lesions to the ovaries, fallopian tubes and binds tissue to other organs in areas near the uterus.

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Your Health Is Important To Me

Women Helping Women
Women Helping WomenI understand that when it comes to our health we want to feel 100% comfortable about the products that we use and their effects.  Natural products can work differently for different women.  When I started this fight against vaginal dryness, it was out of an earnest need to find a natural relief for my own. Thanks to my cosmetics background and relentless research, I was able to pool my resources and create Vaginal Renewal Complex. And it truly changed my life. My vagina was transformed from being dry and painful, to healthy and moist.

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Menopause Madness: The Weight Gain

I am so thrilled to once again welcome Dr. Miriam Greene M.D. as a contributor to the Olga’s Secret blog. Dr. Greene has played a pivotal role in the development of Inner Intimates and she is truly dedicated to helping women feel empowered during this change called menopause.

Menopause Madness: The Weight Gain
By Dr. Greene 

Menopause Weight GainWeight gain seems to take up much of my time in the office. Many of my ladies simply complain of weight gain after menopause. I actually was asked to give a patient a prescription for Adderall in order for her to lose weight.  Adderall is an ADD drug not a weight lose drug. But she had heard that it helps you lose weight.  For the record, it does not.

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