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Let’s Talk about Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex

Finally! Women are talking about Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex
In a recent article by Jane Brody “Persistence Is Key to Treating Vaginal Pain” in the New York Times, published on August 6, 2012, Ms. Brody explained that vaginal dryness most commonly occurs due to a loss of estrogen. This can be the result of menopause, cancer, and chemotherapy or even from breast-feeding.

Dr. Deborah Coady author of “Healing Painful Sex” urged women with dryness and sexual pain not to give up and to seek relief from this discomfort. But unfortunately she offered the less then adequate solution of using K-Y Jelly or Replens to help make sex more pleasurable. As well as the use of oils four times a day for dryness.

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