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We’re Going on Vacation: I Want to Have Sex

There are women I speak with who truly want to have sex, and then there are others that say that they are no longer interested in being sexual with their husbands or partners. But as I continue to chat with them, they all seem to feel that sex is too painful and if it wasn’t so awful, well then, maybe they would want to give it another try.

As we age our estrogen decreases, which reduces our natural sexual urges; no libido! Where did it go? I just felt it a few years ago and now it’s gone! But the truth of the matter is that many of us do not want to lose that intimacy, so we have to become creative. couple-955930_1280

One woman called and said “Olga, I’m going on vacation and I heard about Vaginal Renewal Complex on Drs. Radio. If I order it, will it help me enjoy sex again without any pain? You’ve got one month to get me in shape.” She said she had not had sex in several years because it just was too painful, so she just didn’t feel that feeling, but she would give it a try.

She ordered VRC and a month later ordered another pack for her vacation. She used it every day before her trip (just to be sure) and I told her to insert one just prior to having intercourse to give her a little extra lubrication. When she came back from her holiday, she was smiling from ear to ear and so was her husband. The call came in; “I can’t believe it! It was actually fun again. Thank you, thank you.”

Thank you B.T. Comments such as that makes what I do all the more satisfying.

These are the type of calls I get all the time. Women who truly are so confused because they don’t think they want to have sex, but then they actually do. It keeps us young and physically vital.


We have to make sex a fun activity. Wear something sexy, put your favorite music on, light a candle, and be creative with your partner. A while back, I spoke with Lou Paget, a talk show host and author of “How to Be a Great Lover.” She had some very good and helpful insights. You can check out her web site at

I have had several women question the fact that there are so many lubricants sold today; many recommended for external use only; and to be used for sexual intercourse. That’s strange.

Isn’t having intercourse internal? For me, that just was not what I wanted. When I created Vaginal Renewal Complex I wanted a solution, not just for sex, but to create a healthy environment for my inner body. Women who have tried so many products on the market, but are just not satisfied. It reminds me of the way I felt when I decided to find a product that was natural and not filled with so many different ingredients that I wasn’t sure what was going into my body.

I was looking at a product today that just stifled me to see how many ingredients they were including. If you think that’s what makes a good product, think again.

My Little Secret: Sex can be fun at any age. I feel so personally involved with my women clients who share their stories with me. B.T. is now a loyal user and says she can’t go without it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, enjoy your sexual time with your partner. You can be on vacation any time you want.


Author: Olga Cohen

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