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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY: Is romance still on my bucket list? I’m post-menopausal, OYE!

Dr. Greene says “honey, you shouldn’t feel your vagina.”  You know that itchy, scratchy feeling – it’s awful and we all know what that’s like. Not only do you feel your vagina, the thought of intercourse is scary. It’s like sandpaper. What’s going on? you might ask. Well, estrogen is going on or away, as our Dr. Greene likes to say.

There are several reasons that vaginal dryness can occur.  The most common is the loss of estrogen, due to menopause, childbirth, breastfeeding, certain cancers, chemotherapy or autoimmune disease.

The truth of the matter is, so many of the women I speak with, no matter how old, want to feel that tingly sexual feeling again, but they just don’t know how they will be able to have sexual intercourse, the pain is too horrific.

There are quite a few prescription remedies for vaginal dryness, most contain hormones and  estrogen, others give a long list of disclaimers.

There is a natural solution: Vaginal Renewal Complex. Women are pleased with the results, saying:

“My husband and I just had a pain free romantic weekend, so awesome!” 

“So great to find a natural product that really treats the problem.”

Vaginal Renewal Complex is not a quick fix, but an ongoing program whereby the complex of 5 natural oils works synergistically to create a healthy environment for the vaginal wall.

ROMANCE! I always tell my users that not only should Vaginal Renewal Complex be used regularly, but you can also pop one up prior to having intercourse, in addition to your regiment.  It’s very soothing for both partners and because it goes inside the vagina and doesn’t ruin that special moment.

My little secret: I am always so thrilled when I speak with a client who has found her comfort sexually again. Remember, this is an issue for both partners to work through, together.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, put a smile on your face, get into the meaning of romance; light a candle, play some music and spend your day doing something special for both you and your someone special.

Author: Olga Cohen

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