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I use to love watching “Sex in The City.” I still catch the re-runs every now and then. Each episode touched on topics such as dating, relationships, self-improvement, and sexuality.

One of my favorites was the episode where Samantha, Carrie, and Miranda were shocked that Charlotte had never looked at her vagina. She tried, but could not bring herself to look at that very private place. We all wondered if she would every take the plunge, but by the end of the 30 minutes, out came her mirror, and there it was: nothing to be afraid of.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Steward MD, author of the V Book, she says that many women never connect with their sexual anatomy; it is the “keep away attitude” that stops them from taking out their mirrors to see what’s between their legs.

When I read the article in Woman’s Health about the anatomy of the vagina, “Female Anatomy: Your Ultimate Guide,” by Nicole Beland, it actually sounded amazing and gave me a little tingle. I truly think our vaginas are unique.

I spoke with a woman recently who said she had always heard about men with erectile dysfunction, but never imagined that women could experience symptoms that were as debilitating. She said “I never realized that at some point in time sex would feel like I am having intercourse with a razor blade.” I loved the explicit description of our body parts and how they work, in this article. Women tell me all the time that they would love to have sex, but their vaginal dryness and their pain takes all the pleasure away.

When I created Vaginal Renewal Complex, it was not with the intention of using it as a lubricant for sexual intercourse, but as an all in one remedy for vaginal dryness. I have always felt that one’s body and mind should be in sync. After many years on my own program, I can tell you that it works hand in hand. Whether one is sexually active or not, our vaginas change as we age.

This lovely lady who shared her story with me has been on our program for several years now and continues to experience pain free sex.

My Little Secret: Don’t be afraid of the aging process, it’s part of our life cycle. But most important; there is a solution. Ms. Beland calls our vaginas the “VIP Lounge.”  Well, ladies under the right circumstances we can all enjoy the VIP pleasures.

Author: Olga Cohen

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