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Q&A: Sex


Question: How long before sex should an VRC be inserted for lubrication supplementation? Can it be put in hours in advance, or does it need to be just before being with your partner?

Question: I'm experiencing dryness and itching as a result of breastfeeding, which is making intercourse uncomfortable. I dislike the cold gel lubrication options we've tried to this point. My daughter is 15 weeks old, but I'm not planning on ending our breastfeeding relationship for at least the first year - would this product be appropriate for someone in my situation?

Question: Since I had my hysterectomy I have had to use a personal lubricant when I have sex due to dryness. If I use your product will my vagina be "wet" enough not to have to use the lube anymore?

Question: If my wife starts using this product can I still perform oral sex with her?