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Vaginal Discharge :: Oye It’s Back??

Do you remember when we were young and supple, how we hated that vaginal discharge; before our periods or after having intercourse, or sometimes it just felt like it was always there and would feel sticky and uncomfortable. I would pop a tampon up or use a panty liner so my underwear didn’t get discolored.

Why do we get vaginal discharge?

discharge-tipIt is normal for women to have some vaginal discharge. Our vaginas are a self-cleaning organ. When we are young our vagina produces mucus and other secretions that need to be dispensed. This secretion needs to go somewhere, so it is expelled through the vagina.

Normal vaginal discharge is clear or whitish, but can turn yellow on drying. However, if you notice yellow “smelly” discharge, then it could be a sign of infection/inflammation, so seek medical help.

Our Wonderful Self-Cleaning Organ

ph-balanceThe pH balance of the vagina is acidic which helps stop infections from occurring. But the pH balance also fluctuates during ones menstrual cycle, so infection can be more common during that period of time. Sexual arousal, intercourse, menstrual cycle (time of ovulation, midway through your cycle), and pregnancy can increase ones discharge.

Be Careful What You Wish For

When I went into menopause everything changed. My vaginal discharge disappeared. I was thrilled; but was I?

So many other symptoms replaced my discomfort. The usual hot flashes, mood swings, and of course the painful vaginal dryness that made me feel itchy and irritated. Hormone replacement therapy certainly helped. My natural vaginal discharge returned. What a trade off!!! After going off of hormones after 10 years, I went through the same discomforts as before.

Refresh The Natural Balance

pantiesVaginal Renewal Complex will create an environment where by ones natural discharge will return. As the moisture starts to come back, once again this secretion needs to be dispelled. For me, in the beginning it was quite heavy, but then is started to decrease without feeling uncomfortable or sticky. I found the best solution; by including our very soft, thin, non-irritating panty liners in each of our boxes of VRC, it insures extra protection for those who feel they need it.

My little secret: We, as women however, need to know our own bodies. Should there be a change in the discharge, by color, odor, burning during urination, rash or soreness, I would recommend that you consult with your doctor. It has always been my mission to bring the best solution to women who suffer from vaginal dryness.

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Author: Olga Cohen

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