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Natural or Synthetics? What would you choose?

I was chatting with a woman the other day. She told me that her doctor had recommended a lubricant that has been known to make intercourse more comfortable.  Her question to me was simple; she wanted to continue using Vaginal Renewal Complex, because she loved its effectiveness; but can it be used in conjunction with this other lubricant. After talking with Dr. Greene, we agreed that it would not be a good idea to use them on the same days.  

That’s when I decided to see what was so special about the ingredients in this product.  

 propylene glycol/image from
propylene glycol chemical structure/image from

Most of the ingredients were synthetic. The second ingredient listedis propylene glycol, which can be used as an anti-freeze and it is also known to absorb water. I used to use propylene glycol to line our double walled kettle when we were filling cosmetics in my manufacturing days. Another ingredient in this insertable lubricant is sodium hydroxide or lye. Talking with my chemist, he stated it’s of little benefit to the body. I then googled sodium hydroxide (also listed in their ingredient list). This was its description and use:

“Sodium Hydroxide is used to make textiles, cellophane, and paper and is in soaps and detergents, because of its white color” (NJ Department of Health fact sheet).

And lastly, water.

By law, ingredient lists must be put in percentage order, using the largest percentage first and ending with the smallest amount used to create a formula. It is obvious that this ingredient list is bogus, after reviewing it with our chemist.

And once again the preservatives used were also synthetic, maybe not harmful, but do you want to put these chemicals in your vagina?

Does it seem possible that our doctors are researching the ingredients prior to An All Natural Solutionrecommending over the counter products to their patients? Would they know what the effects are of these chemicals on the body?  Is it not the responsibility of the company to use the correct order to let the consumer know what is included in their products? There are many products that are sold today to be used for sexual lubrication, such as Replens, KY jelly, Astro Glide, and Hyalo Gyn.  

One of the reasons I created Vaginal Renewal Complex is because, just like you, I was looking for a solution for my vaginal dryness. I used so many products on the market today and so I came to the conclusion that none gave me the comfort and health benefits I was looking for.

My Little secret:  Research what you are putting into your body. Vaginal Renewal Complex is a natural regimen to help keep your vaginal wall supple and healthy, as well as a sexual lubricant to help make sex more comfortable and pleasurable.

Author: Olga Cohen

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