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It Can’t Be Menopause!…Can It?

I woke up one morning and I felt different.  I can’t quite explain it but I just felt that my body was changing. I was 43 years old. “This Can’t Be Menopause!…Can It?” I thought.

sadFrom the time I got my first period at age 12, I suffered the pain of menstruation.  The cramps were unbearable. The first two days of my period, every month, were spent  curled up in bed with a hot water bottle warming my stomach to help with the awful pain that I was experiencing.

I was told that when I had children the discomfort of stomach cramps would subside. But after my third child, they didn’t and to make matters worse I developed another problem called Endometriosis. For those of you who do not know this gynecological disorder that affects over 5 million women, it occurs when the endometrial lining (found inside the uterus) begins to grow on the outside of the uterus causing lesions to the ovaries, fallopian tubes and binds tissue to other organs in areas near the uterus.

EndometriosisSounds awful? well it is and extremely painful. The pain would start around the time of ovulation each month.  Sex was excruciating. It was like a knife cutting through my right ovary. Today they have laser treatments for this condition, but back then, I was told the only two cures for Endometriosis was having a hysterectomy or “menopause”.

Most women start ovulating in the middle of the month, accompanied with water retention and sore tender breasts. For me, ovulation also triggered the start of my endometrium pain. It was December and I went to my gynecologist (this was before Dr. Greene) for a check-up. I told her that I don’t seem to have the usual monthly symptoms and that I feel different; and for some reason I thought maybe I am entering menopause, she snickered and said “You are too young for menopause”!!  (She never checked my blood to see what my hormone levels were)  I had a bleed in January and that was the last period I ever got again. I was in full fledge menopause. It was also the last time I ever experienced the pain associated with Endometriosis. It just seemed to disappear.

What a trade off!!! I got rid of one awful situation in exchange for the emotional highs and lows, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness of menopause.

The first treatment I tried was the estrogen patch, and a progesterone pill. I couldn’t bring myself to put the patch on. I would take it out and look at it every day for about a month.  I felt old and thought if I use this how will I feel, will it change me? I made my husband sit down with me the first time I slapped that patch on my butt and swallowed the pill.  I was scared!!!  I did not have a good reaction to the meds. It did help the hot flashes but not the mood swings. No one seemed to understand what I was going through. The kids wanted their Mom; my husband wanted a wife, and my growing business required my full attention and I just wanted to be left alone to deal with my emotion.

Somehow I got through menopause. 25 years later, I still get the hot flashes (go figure). Dr. Greene says that some women never get rid of those hot flashes or vaginal dryness. Well I chose the later and embarked on a crusade to find a solution to vaginal dryness and discomfort. Thanks to my cosmetics background and relentless research, I was able to pool my resources and create Vaginal Renewal Complex. And it has truly changed my life.

Something’s, however never change; the kids still want their Mom, my husband still wants his wife and I sometimes still wish everyone would just leave me alone to deal with my emotion. But they don’t; and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My little secret:  I am a happy woman, doing exactly what I am meant to do.  What could be bad??

Author: Olga Cohen

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