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FREE New eBook on Menopause

I am so happy to introduce Ellen Dolgen, an amazing woman who shares the same passion as I do.  

We are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN to bring awareness to so many suffering the effects of aging and menopause  

When I heard that Ellen had written her second book on the subject I asked her to share some of her thoughts with us.

I am in the menopause business. No, this was not my major in college. This is my encore career!

My mission is to replace the confusion and embarrassment with the symptoms millions of women go through before, during, and after menopause, with medically sound solutions presented with lots of love and laughter.

So in that spirit, I am releasing a new eBook, MENOPAUSE MONDAYS The Girlfriend’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Perimenopause and Menopause which is available for FREE to all women and the people who love them.

The book is an amalgamation of what I’ve learned from interviewing experts (such as Olga on her fabulous Vaginal Renewal Complex!), from my own experiences, and from the personal stories that the sisterhood has shared with me. The eBook format will allow me to periodically do updates with the latest studies and information. In that sense, it will be a living text that grows as we grow.

You can get the free eBook here!

Blogging about menopause can be quite hot! First thing in the morning, I check my emails resulting from my Menopause Mondays blog posts at What if someone is suffering in another time zone? I don’t want them to wait too long to get support. I remember how alone I felt when my perimenopausal symptoms were running my life. Actually, more like ruining my life.

Some of the emails contain just one line: “Help, I am depressed!” or “I can’t sleep anymore. Am I in perimenopause?” Others are very long journals of very trying, difficult emotional highs and lows, severe depression, insomnia, or shockingly severe issues with painful sex and crashing libidos that are causing marriages to fall apart.

As I speak to women from all over the world, I find my way back to my own inner peace. Each and every time, I am able to help someone with their menopause journey, it fills my heart and leaves me with a big smile on my face. Helping others is very healing and nourishing. When I started out, I had no idea any of this would happen.

My husband and children have consistently rallied around me, encouraging me and pushing me to continue on my mission, even when I had self-doubts and frustrations.  I know it’s a bit cheesy, but I like cheese!  They truly are the wind beneath my wings. I love it that my husband and children are proud of me. They have no idea how much that means to me.

My whole being is so wrapped around this mission that I seem to know when someone needs help no matter where I am: on an airplane, at the grocery check-out line, in the carwash waiting room, or at a social event. I zero in on the women who are suffering in silence. David has nicknamed me the “Vagina Whisperer.”  He gets that look that says, “And…there she goes!”  As I try to engage with the woman, he watches with pride and great patience. I do not want anyone to feel that they are alone.

It’s shocking that while there are ever increasing numbers of women in the workplace, in corporate executive positions, and other vital roles in our society, so many women are still suffering in silence.  There are lots of options today for menopause help.  There is no need to suffer!

This eBook will help all women and the people who love them gain access to the best information available, and at zero cost. There should be no financial barriers to the information women need for their health.

Help me spread the word!

My motto is: Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!

Author: Chad

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