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The Dr. Oz Show | Menopause Awareness Month

Many women can start to feel different in their late 30’s and 40’s, as they enter “peri”- menopause. Our bodies are starting to change. This progression can possibly last up to 10 years before one goes into full menopause. For me it was instantaneous. One day I had a period and the next month, it was gone. I was bombarded with all the difficult symptoms of menopause.

The Dr. Oz Show
This week I appeared on an episode, being taped, on The Dr. Oz show about Menopause. Bringing awareness to women about this period of time when our bodies are changing. As usual, the topic was “hot flashes” and “mood swings.” We were asked to share our funniest hot flash story. Out of the many women who were asked to be on the show, only 3 of them got to share their story (mine was not amongst the ones chosen); so I decided I would share it with you: I think it’s pretty funny.

Wendy Collett, Olga Cohen, Annamaria DeMaria
The Hot Flashes at The DR. Oz Show: Wendy Collett of DryBabe Olga Cohen of Inner Intimates & Annamaria DeMaria of My Menopause Fix

My Untold Story
When I had my manufacturing company, I had a large staff. Someone was always looking for me. “Where’s Olga” they would say. “Well where do you think she is; she’s in the kitchen and has her head in the refrigerator, AGAIN. “Oye another hot flash”! One of my staff would reluctantly come to get me and I would growl at them about how hot it was in the office. Of course after the flash subsided, I would apologize and promise to try and be more tolerant the next time; but how could I be responsible for my actions, when I was experiencing these awful HOT FLASHES!

Raising The White Flag To Hot Flashes
One day they came for me, I lifted my head up out of the refrigerator and was ready to start complaining about them bothering me when I was having to deal with “THESE FLASHES”!, but this time the whole group was surrounding me holding up a white flag!!

The Hot Flash White Flag“No more, no more” they chanted, “you’re impossible”!

I started to laugh; they started to laugh and I promised I would try and do better the next time I got a hot flash. It could not have been scripted better if it had been written for a sitcom.

Funny story, it’s true; but what about all the other symptoms associated with menopause. Why does it seem as if the main problem with menopause is strictly hot flashes and mood swings? I want to shout at these professionals and ask them to talk about other menopausal issues as well.

Menopause Awareness Month: My 7 side effects of menopause; let’s talk about ALL of them.

  1. My period stopped, not so terrible
  2. My endometrium pain stopped, also not so terrible
  3. Hot flashes; they were awful. It was like someone setting me on fire from the inside out. I would feel it coming and could hardly breathe until it subsided.
  4. Mood swings; they were raging and I thought I wanted to hit someone.
  5. Dry skin
  6. Extreme vaginal dryness
  7. Lack of libido

That would have made sense to me, but the three women shared their funny menopause moment and the rest of us were asked to first run in, holding a fan and fanning ourselves, and then run around in a circle holding a balloon above our head which was to represent our brain and how it bounces around causing these TWO (only) difficult issues. I felt insulted and irritated that we had to prance around in our night gowns or underwear to prove a point. Who thinks of these things??

Sexual Health and Gynecology with Dr. Greene
I spent two hours on Sirius radio the day before this taping; Sexual Health and Gynecology with Dr. Miriam Greene. Wendy Collett of DryBabe and I were guest speakers. Yes, there were questions about hot flashes, but many about vaginal dryness, lack of libido, ones sexuality, and quite a few questions about hormone replacement therapy and treatment.

Wendy and OlgaWendy supplied them with information about her wonderful sleep wear line to help absorb moisture from those difficult night sweats, Dr. Greene, with her infinite knowledge, advised her callers how to deal with the medical issues associated with menopause and I was able to talk about vaginal dryness and libido, from my own experience and the creation of VAGINAL RENEWAL COMPLEX.

If one wishes to bring awareness to the forefront through the media, make it a useful tool and worthwhile for the viewers. Way to go Dr. Greene!!!

My little secret: We are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN, sharing our stories in the hopes that what we have to say will help another woman find a comfortable solution for her menopausal issues.

You can listen to Dr. Greene’s show “Sexual Health and Wellbeing“, Mondays between 12-2pm on Sirius radio xm81.

Author: Olga Cohen

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