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In a recent article published in the Huffington Post dated May 5, 2014, HORMONE REPLACEMT THERAPY MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE, NOT THREATEN IT, it was suggested by Dr. Mehmet Oz, that women should re-consider taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) because it is believed that it lessens the risk of heart disease.

respect my hormonesThough he tells us that Bioidenticals are the new and safe form of HRT, I am still very leery of using any estrogen replacement as so are many other women I speak with.

We researched three different studies done by Mass General, Stonybrook University, and the University of California, a total of 100,000 women were involved in the combined study. ½ of women took HRT and the second half did not. The findings were scary, which also led me to look for alternatives to relieve my menopause symptoms.

I also find it disheartening that when Dr. Oz speaks of menopausal symptoms he forgets to mention one of the MOST debilitating occurrences associated with menopause; and that’s vaginal dryness, which causes extreme discomfort. I do agree that hot flashes, night sweats, as well as mood swings are pretty awful, I had them all, but vaginal dryness tops the chart.

Why these doctors do not ever discuss vaginal dryness; I just don’t understand.
Both doctors; Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen mention that maybe women should start taking hormone replacement at an earlier age, because as stated; by the time a woman is 63 year old it will be too late and the damage will already be done.

The article ends by both doctors stating they would love a major new study, using hormone replacement and aspirin. From what they say, at the present time there are no studies being done using both of these ingredients; so how can their assumptions be qualified?

At the end of the article in the comment section, WOMEN clearly state how upset they were that these doctors have commercialized themselves using us WOMEN as their target, instead of encouraging women to discuss individual issues with their health care provider. Everyone’s body is different.

Leo Galland MDFor me, if I had a choice of using a natural product, rather than taking hormones (whether it is synthetic or bio-identical), I would choose natural at all costs. When I created Vaginal Renewal Complex, I did so because, after spending years on HRT, it became clear that a more natural solution to my problem was what I wanted to pursue.

Dr. Leo Galland, who practices integrated medicine in New York city agreed with me, and he felt that by using natural oils and vitamins, one can achieve comfort and healing. That is what I desperately was looking for to help eliminate my vaginal dryness. For the other symptoms associated with menopause it,, is important to research other alternatives. You can go to Dr. Gallands website at for more information.

My little secret: My mission is to continue to research alternatives to taking hormone replacement therapy. Vaginal Renewal Complex are one of those alternatives to help in assisting to relieve so many women of vaginal dryness due to menopause or other conditions.

Author: Olga Cohen

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