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GUEST BLOG: You Can Do or Be Anything You Want. Retirement Does Not Mean the End; Only the Beginning of a New Chapter

I feel so lucky to have wonderful and accomplished women in my life. Today I would like to introduce a dear friend who about a year ago retired from her profession after many years. If you needed advice, you went to Marcia. She was the go to person. She always made things look so easy; whether it be business related, financial decisions, or just life decisions. When I asked her to talk about her bucket list, as I have done with other guest bloggers, her thoughts were not emotional but practical and so I asked if she would share them with you.


Congratulations on your retirement. You are now able to enjoy your life. These words have been said to us over and over again as soon as people heard that we sold our practice and were no longer working. But they have it all wrong.

We have always enjoyed our life and we loved the work that we were doing. Our retirement was solely a financial decision and so more accurately, those same people should be congratulating us on making a good deal. Although, I knew that we made the correct decision for ourselves, walking out the door opens you up to a flood of new emotions and the challenge of living a new lifestyle.

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Often I thought about what I would do with my new freedom. I dreamed about walking in the city during the week and not only on weekends, I dreamed about traveling for extensive periods of time,

I dreamed about writing, I even dreamed about creating a new business completely unrelated to the profession that I loved for 47 years.

But what I soon realized is that if I did not begin my journey of dreams, I would no longer be happy and satisfied. Soon after, I seized the opportunity to begin a partnership of creativity with a talented artist. We are creating a business that I do believe will create its own conversation. I feel inspired and excited about the future.

I strongly urge anyone in their own business or being retired from their job, to plan for an end game. It requires the same attention as planning one’s investment portfolio and future healthcare needs. Closure is important and it allows you the freedom to seek new challenges with a clear mind. I seized my opportunity and I hope that I have the wisdom to know how to continue my journey. Yes, I have every intention to continue to enjoy my life.

Author: Marcia

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