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Carrie Pierce Discusses Vaginal Atrophy

This is an excerpt from Carrie Pierce’s article “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Lovemaking in a Middle-aged Body -What Women Wished Men Knew” wherein she explains vaginal atrophy:

Vaginal Atrophy is the female equivalent of Erectile Dysfunction.

Menopause is a perfectly natural phase of a woman’s life- but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, or that women are well prepared for it!
Vaginal Atrophy– With lack of estrogen, vaginal cells shrivel and loss of muscle tone occurs. The walls of the vagina lose their tone and ability to stretch. The end result: a vagina that is noticeably shortened and tight.


Fellas, imagine waking up one morning to find that Mr. Happy has shrunk a full 2 to 3 inches, with no warning – and he will NOT be returning… I doubt you would welcome this. Thus is the world of Vaginal Atrophy!

vaginal atrophy

Next up, Vaginal Dryness. As hormones decline, a woman’s ability to naturally lubricate during arousal also diminishes. Should the relationship not be a good one, and pent up frustrations, hostilities and resentments lie unresolved, this will all but guarantee a nonresponsive, dry – as -sand partner.

Vaginal Dryness is PAINFUL. Coupled with the presence of Atrophy, one sexual encounter can cause tissue tearing, painful friction that rubs us raw, tremendous discomfort and possible infection. Not something to write home about or look forward to on a regular basis!

Carrie E. Pierce has worked exclusively in the skin care, health and beauty industries for over 25 years. A licensed Aesthetician, former Hollywood film and TV makeup artist and certified Color Analyst, she’s built a solid, international reputation in the field of holistic, menopausal skin and beauty care.

A recognized speaker, educator and published author, Carrie is Founder and President of and is host of the internationally syndicated radio show ‘Magnificent Menopause & Beyond.’

It’s her mission -and her passion- to help make Menopause ‘The Change for the Better’- for women-and men- everywhere!

Author: Olga Cohen

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