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Happy Holidays from G Technologies!

During the last few weeks, we were featured in The Port Arthur, a local paper in Texas. Here’s what they had to say about our products:

From: The Port Arthur (November 29th 2015)

By Darragh Dioron

10f47050-666f-4f97-af5a-93db4c2c5114“For the women: Remember that old Saturday Night Live commercial for the product that is both a dessert topping and a floor wax? It came to mind when I heard about a serious, actual development from Grohen Technologies Ltd. Their line includes a blue vial of Intensive Facial Revitalizer Complex, made with seven natural oils including Evening of Primrose, Cucumber and Tea Tree. It feels good going on and I can’t get enough of it. This line also includes a Feminine Wash that foams to clean the face and feminine areas. There’s a loofah and a microfiber sponge that comes from each use. The paperwork explains how the line’s Vaginal Renewal Complex works in detail. Look it up. This is a gifting idea for someone who would not buy it for herself.”

Thank you, Darragh, for those kind words.  

I can hardly believe that another year has passed and that Grohen Technologies is already 5 years old.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers; many of you who I have spoken to have become my “on the phone” friends and that is so precious to me.

We wish you a very happy holiday, from our family to yours

Always remember we are Women Helping Women to keep our bodies healthy and vital.

**Don’t forget that our sale will continue on until February 29, 2016.**  

Remember to recommend a friend and tell them to call us at 1800-564-2160 and mention your name, so you can get an additional discount with our INVITE A FRIEND program.

All of us at Grohen Technologies want to wish you healthy and happy holidays and a wonderful New Year. I hope we continue to grow together.


Author: Olga Cohen

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