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Your Health Is Important To Me

Women Helping Women
Women Helping WomenI understand that when it comes to our health we want to feel 100% comfortable about the products that we use and their effects.  Natural products can work differently for different women.  When I started this fight against vaginal dryness, it was out of an earnest need to find a natural relief for my own. Thanks to my cosmetics background and relentless research, I was able to pool my resources and create Vaginal Renewal Complex. And it truly changed my life. My vagina was transformed from being dry and painful, to healthy and moist.

My Secret Revealed
After Dr. Greene conducted her 3 month study and the results were reviewed, my feeling was confirmed. I could not keep VRC a secret any longer. I had to share this opportunity for other women to feel as good as I now felt. I know what it’s like to use vaginal moisturizer products that don’t work; I’ve used a lot of them myself. Most vaginal moisturizers are water based and don’t absorb into the tissue.  Some are cold and clammy. As women we deserve better and I knew that we could have better.

To this day, I continually ask users for their feedback and comments.  We are always Naturallistening and are always working towards a final goal. After several concerns about the possibility of slight staining after inserting; remember these oils are natural and yellowish in color, we are including several panty liners in your full 20 pack box of Vaginal Renewal Complex.  This will help insure comfort without the concern of staining your clothing.

And, once again, it helps to insert the applicator in the mornings.  Your natural muscles will allow the oils to absorb into the tissue (less leakage).

A Perfect Premerin Companion
I spoke with a new client today (she is a first time user).  Even though she is on Premerin, she loves the extra relief she gets while using Vaginal Renewal Complex.  She actually asked to be put on our 30 day auto ship program.  Thanks J. F. K. from Long Island.

My little secret:  I will always work to bring you the best product that is possible.  In a perfect world….ladies it does work!!






Author: Olga Cohen

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