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Category: Women Helping Women

Menopause Madness: The Weight Gain

I am so thrilled to once again welcome Dr. Miriam Greene M.D. as a contributor to the Olga’s Secret blog. Dr. Greene has played a pivotal role in the development of Inner Intimates and she is truly dedicated to helping women feel empowered during this change called menopause.

Menopause Madness: The Weight Gain
By Dr. Greene 

Menopause Weight GainWeight gain seems to take up much of my time in the office. Many of my ladies simply complain of weight gain after menopause. I actually was asked to give a patient a prescription for Adderall in order for her to lose weight.  Adderall is an ADD drug not a weight lose drug. But she had heard that it helps you lose weight.  For the record, it does not.

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Dancing the Feminine Rhythm

I am honored to Welcome Susan Gala, a Holistic Pelvic-core therapist as our Guest Blogger, take it away Susan:

A woman who is embodied in her pelvis is dancing in her feminine rhythm. She owns her power, her sensuality, and her loving heart without compromise.

From this deep core of embodiment a woman creates her desires.  This is where she begins to live in harmony fully integrated into her rhythm.

She is  embodied in her presence fully aligned and balanced.  She owns her inner passion and  radiant glow.  She is devoted to being present in her senses, in her breath, and in her bodies sensations.

Most women are scared to fully be present in their bodies, and retreat into their head, leaving their bodies to become a shell. We lose touch with  our desires, our sensual radiance, and our deepest feminine rhythm when we are trapped in our pelvis.

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Women Helping Women: My Favorite Time Of The Year

Mom and DadFor those of you who are of the Jewish faith, this starts our New Year with Rosh Hashanah followed by Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I reflect on my life from the past year and look forward to making a difference in the coming year.  I feel very lucky to have both my parents, who are well into their mid and late 90’s, along with my children and grandchildren.  We all celebrate together by breaking our 24 hour fast. I look around and truly feel blessed.

This morning, as always, I walked my adorable little dog Maxie, and noticed that the trees are now changing color.  The days are shorter and the mornings are much cooler.  With this change in weather comes a change in our skin.  Less humidity makes my skin a little dry and itchy. The last thing I want to do is aggravate that by using soaps that contain high levels of Surfactant.

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My Inspiration, My Mentor…My Mother

I am one of those lucky people who have both my parents. My father is almost 97 and Mom is 91.

My mother taught me how to take pride in my body and how to keep my body looking and feeling good. She always set a good example:

Jack LaLanne Exercising
The Jack LaLanne Show

I remember when I was a small child I would go off to school as Mom was turning the television on to exercise with Jack LaLanne.  That took place every day and for ½ hour she concentrated on her routine.

When she would go out, which was almost every Saturday night, she would prep herself by putting her feet up high on her headboard with cool tea bags on her eyes.

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Wendy Collett | (Dance) Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

I am honored to Welcome Wendy Collett from Dry Babe as an Olga’s Secret Guest Blogger, take it away Wendy:

Hot Flash Mob 5
Dr. Eve Agee, Wendy Collett, Olga Cohen and Jeanette De Patie Hot Flash Mobbing in Greeley Square, NYC

We women can be so many contradictory and wonderful things. We can be buttoned up
and professional as well as highly irreverent and silly; we can be a tireless support and an active helper to friends and family while also requiring quite a bit of alone time; we may also be the kind of person who can break out into dance in the middle of NYC while also inwardly cringing at the idea of doing so.


Women Helping Women and Menopause The Musical

Menopause The MusicalThis week I went to see the show “Menopause the Musical” -The Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change, have you seen it yet?

They covered every issue that most of us women experience when living through menopause; hot flashes, mood swings, memory problems, peeing all the time, to questions about our sexuality.

It was hysterical: we laughed throughout the entire performance. It especially hit home for my friend Wendy and I because we both have dedicated ourselves to helping woman overcome this change in life.

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