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Category: Vaginal Renewal

MENOPAUSE AWARENESS MONTH | PMS, Ovulation, Mood Swings, Cramps

When I got married for the second time, my three children, my new husband, and I all

Me and my daughters, Kim and Melissa

moved in together. In his first life he had all boys, so there was no talk about periods, PMS, ovulation, period cramps, etc.  I have two girls and one boy. I was always very open with my children.  We thought nothing of walking around in our underwear and certainly Danny was use to the girls speaking about their “time of the month.”

What a revelation for Milt; “where are the tampons?”; “Oye, I have such cramps,”;  “Just to let you know I am really feeling bitchy today, I’m PMS-ing big time, so stay away!!!”; “I think I’m ovulating today!!” He would say that at any given time, one of us always seemed to have our periods.

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I wrote my last blog Natural is Natural because it is time for everyone to realize that what

Image from Rest Assured Nursing INC

we put on or in our bodies is so important. Coming from the cosmetic manufacturing industry, we all used parabens to preserve our products. But by the late 1990’s, a lot of buzz was being spread about the dangers surrounding parabens in skin care as well as color cosmetics. Methylparaben ,ethylparen, propylparaben, and butylparaben were commonly used. Parabens are synthetic preservatives that are being used in personal care, but also food and pharmaceuticals; allowing for longevity of the product and to meet FDA regulations.

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Image courtesy of Keerti |

What’s so great about cucumbers……well:
1. Cucumbers come in all shapes and sizes.
2. They never lose their shape
3. And they’re cool and smooth

Why is this on a menopausal blog?
…Because, after menopause the vagina tightens and shortens, resulting in
painful intercourse.
So painful in fact, that the thought of intercourse can make a woman cringe.
I recently attended a sex conference in San Diego (this was a legitimate course folks). Nothing kinky.

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