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Category: Pregnancy

1 Out of 3 Women Suffer From Vaginal Dryness, Are You One of Them?

1 in 3 women suffer from vaginal drynessIt is hard to believe that one out of every three women suffer from vaginal dryness. But the more women I speak to each day, the clearer it becomes.

When you’re young, the vaginal wall is coated with a thin layer of fluid.  Our natural estrogen helps maintain that lubrication which keeps the walls of our vagina plump and healthy.

As we age, our estrogen lessens which causes the walls to thin down.  Without that natural lubrication our vaginas can start to atrophy.

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Can Breastfeeding be making Intercourse Uncomfortable?

Q: I’m experiencing dryness and itching as a result of breastfeeding, which is making intercourse painful.Breastfeeding I dislike the cold gel lubrication options we’ve tried to this point.My daughter is 15 weeks old, but I’m not planning on ending our breastfeeding relationship for at least the first year – would this product be appropriate for someone in my situation?

A: Dr. Greene did a usage study with 30 of her patients, two of them were in their 30’s and breastfeeding.  They definitely had a positive response to our product.

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