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Your Inner Body Is As Important As Your Outer Body

Menopause, Hormone Therapy & Aging Skin

Menopause and your skinGrowing up in the sixties, I got married very young and had my children quite soon after marriage. My body was supple and strong, naturally. As I aged my skin needed more attention. I would moisturize my outer body every day, to keep it fresh and hydrated. I worked out regularly, took dance classes and felt in really good shape.

My inner body was another issue. I went into menopause at 43. Very soon thereafter I noticed that my inner body started to dry up, I was mortified. Dr. Greene said to me “Honey, women are like prunes, as the fruit ages it dries up, just like us”. So out of desperation I went on hormone replacement therapy.

MoisturizeAfter 10 years of HRT, I chose to go off. Not only did that affect my inner body, it also made my outer body that much drier. I suddenly had two problems.

My outer body solution: pure shea oil every day after I shower. To this day I still coat my body from my neck to the bottom of my feet every day and as it absorbs into my pores, it leaves me feeling smooth and soft.

But how could I find that type of deep hydration for the inside of my body? The solution came to me as Dr. Galland and I were researching a natural remedy for my severe vaginal dryness: Vaginal Renewal Complex. For the first time in years, my outer body felt smooth and soft and now my inner body felt the same. No surprise that one of the ingredients in VRC turned out to be shea oil, is it?

Taking care of your skin on the outside is as important as taking care of your skin on the inside.

By doing this I am giving my outer body a gift, and by using Vaginal Renewal Complex with its combination of 5 natural oils, I am also giving my vagina a gift as well, and the necessity to preserve my inner health. It works for me and I know it will work for you.

We are: WOMEN HELPING WOMEN; at any age allow yourself to be satisfied with the way you feel about your body inside and out.

Author: Olga Cohen

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