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Women Helping Women :: A Menopause Case Study

You might remember, a few months ago Grohen Technologies sponsored a gift pack give away.  We asked all of you to write in with a little something about yourselves and your menopause story.

Although the winner, Shawn McKean, was completely picked at random, her story turned out to be quite inspiring. At the young age of 37, Shawn had already battled her share gynecological challenges and had been catapulted into full menopause.  She was so open in sharing her story and so gracious in accepting her box full of goodies.

“This is so amazing, I’ve never won anything in my life, and now I actually won something that I needed so badly!!! This is the best thing that ever happened to me. Olga, I can not thank u enough!!” ~Shawn Mckean Whitehead

Menopause Case StudyAfter the sweepstakes was over, I was able to take the time to read all the wonderful comments that we received. Some chose to share the attributes of VRC and how it has helped them, some just wanted to share their story, and others just gave a one liner, but everyone who wrote in truly got their point across:  menopause and related conditions is no picnic!!!

I felt that this was such an important topic because women don’t necessarily talk about their issues.  Many will talk about hot flashes or mood swings, but most don’t like to talk about their lack of libido, vaginal dryness and/or painful sex, or no sex at all.

Then I realized that when women share their stories with each other, suddenly we all become the winners…so here is what you had to say:

Many women suggested that Yoga or any form of exercise is important to keep your body and mind strong:

“Being in early stages, the one thing which I am working on is acceptance at this stage.  It is not my mind but my body.  In order to be young, challenging the mind and body with mental and physical exercise.  The main goal is now challenging myself.”

“Yoga has helped ease my menopause experience.”

“My secret to surviving the side effects of menopause was to sweat in a sauna and by exercising for an hour a day mostly by walking.  It seems to reset my body so I didn’t get so many hot flashes.  Exercise improved my mood and helped me cope with the weight as well.”

menopause case study 2014

“Been menopausal since 37, almost 20 years ago, still have all reproductive organs!  Need regimen for healthy reproductive area.  Have low energy, spare tire, low libido, but exercise for energy and weight control. Night sweats minimal.”

“Pilates, walking, eating low glycemic and Olga’s products.”

One woman wrote:  “I feel like I have been going through menopause for 15 years already, feel like it will never end.  I am tired of dryness and hot flashes.”

Vaginal dryness should be a condition that is controllable but there are still women, many young women who suffer:

“I am a 36 years old having such severe early menopause symptoms.  It’s really hard to date with such painful and hindering dryness.  It’s also extremely hard to explain to someone in early stages of a relationship and it probably feels awful for them too!!”

“I am so uncomfortable in my vagina.  I am sitting writing this and I have to stand up.  I can’t wear anything except cotton and even that is painful.  It has destroyed mine and my husband’s sex life.”

Remember,  men suffer too; one woman wrote:

“I had been struggling with dryness during intimacy…so uncomfortable.  My husband was the one who told me about Inner Intimates: He heard about it on NYUDOCS radio broadcast.  I felt all the more loved because he cared to listen and jotted down the information.”

As my commercial says: Ladies stop suffering in silence. These conditions are serious but one can be helped.  When I first started this mission of mine, I did not think that I would ever be able to control my menopausal symptoms with anything other than hormones.

I know now that there is a solution for vaginal dryness.  Originally I created this product for my own personal use, because I can attest to all of the above comments; but when I realized how well it changed my vagina, I knew I had to bring this to other women who suffer such as I did.

My little secret: Vaginal Renewal Complex does work.  Dr. Greene says, you shouldn’t FEEL your vagina.  You do, when one is very dry which causes discomfort.  Use it as a regiment to keep your vagina moisturized; give it a chance.  It will help. I stopped “feeling” my vagina. It also helps with painful intercourse.  Pop one up, in addition to your weekly dosage, to lubricate the walls of the vagina before having sex.

Go slow; it is a plus for both partners.
we are women helping women

Author: Olga Cohen

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