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Women Helping Women and Menopause The Musical

Menopause The MusicalThis week I went to see the show “Menopause the Musical” -The Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change, have you seen it yet?

They covered every issue that most of us women experience when living through menopause; hot flashes, mood swings, memory problems, peeing all the time, to questions about our sexuality.

It was hysterical: we laughed throughout the entire performance. It especially hit home for my friend Wendy and I because we both have dedicated ourselves to helping woman overcome this change in life.

Dry Babe’s cause has been helping Hot Mamas like us who are experiencing night sweats. Her solution, DRY BABE is a line of ultra absorbant sleepwear, designed specifically for women struggling to just get a dry night’s sleep. Which of course is what the audience was mainly filled with…women, although there were some men too.

As we laughed, I could not help thinking how similar we are and yet how different; our ethnicity, our backgrounds, but one thing for sure, we are still women understanding each other. Many were dancing in the isles with strangers because we all have one thing in common “Menopause”.  Scary!!

The show takes place in Bloomindales where they all meet (four very different women).  What’s better than shopping when you feel like you just want to hit something or someone?  They fight over who’s getting what at the sale table, they meet in the ladies room, and they all take Prozac. They all talk about how they look and their sexuality.  This show was meant to make us laugh about a very humorless subject.

Through my journey, I have met others who feel the same passion as me, to bring enlightenment and show women that there is an alternative to suffering through this hormonal roller coaster of symptoms alone.Shmirshky: the pursuit of hormone happiness

Some of my favorite fixes for those Prozac worthy days come from women. Ellen Dolgen’s book “Shmirshky”; The Pursuit of Hormone Happiness is the first that comes to mind. It should be required reading for every women. You can visit her website, to see what I mean, plus it’s got some very useful resources and information.

Wendy Collett ‘s DRY BABE sleepwear that I mentioned before, really does the trick for helping night sweats. Can you believe that I still experience sweats?  and I am well over menopause.

And of course, when you have questions associated with vaginal dryness, stop by my website or give me a call.

I love being a woman.  I love net working with other women who share in this mission of ours to help each other.

My little secret of the day—it’s WOMEN HELPING WOMEN

Author: Olga Cohen

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