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Girls Night Out | Women Helping Women

I have been talking quite a bit lately about my High School re-connections.  The other night I had dinner with “”The Girls”.  The 8 of us get together every couple of months. It is so uplifting. We laugh and laugh; we can’t seem to get enough conversation into one night. Sometimes we laugh so hard that we forget that we grown ladies in a public restaurant. There is something so empowering about being among a group of strong women.

The GirlsListening to these wonderful women’s stories, I am astounded at all their successes. And by how really amazing every one of them looks! It is a testament to their hard work and dedication to themselves. Trust me, it is REALLY hard work staying in shape after 50.

That Monday morning, while working out, I was struck with pride for my own accomplishments and commitment to ME. I keep in really good shape.  I eat right; I started exercising again several months ago after a long break (because of an injury that inhibited me from working out) and the results show. I know that I will never look like I am 40 years again and I am OK with that.

Feeling Terrific at 60?
Then suddenly my attention was turned to the TV. The Today Show was doing a segment called “Feeling Terrific at 60”.  Roz Warren, a New York Times and The Humor Times writer appeared on the show.bathing suit try on  She talked about looking and feeling good even after 60.  She relayed a story about needing to buy a bathing suit when she was with her significant other.  What’s more revealing than being in public wearing a bathing suit?

Well, we know we can’t be as firm as we were at 40, but if you like yourself and you keep healthy, and in good shape, then a little rumble on the thighs isn’t too bad.  I loved the way she said there was no place for her partner to sit while she was in the fitting room, so he just came in and watched her try on bathing suits until she found the right one.  Good for her!!

Nurture Yourself Inside and Out
I always say, taking care of your outer body is essential, not only for your physical health but for your mental health.  But taking care of your inner body is also so important, physically and mentally.

I am excited that women are now talking about Vaginal Renewal Complex.  Not only for what it does for them on the inside, but how good they feel about themselves in relation to their body.

My friends “The Girls” all look amazing.  It is how we want to feel and look. Thank you Roz Warren for talking about feeling good at any age.

My little secret:  Take a good look at yourself, embrace who you are. We are Women Helping Women


Author: Olga Cohen

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