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The Ultimate ‘Olga’sm: New Introductory VRC Package


After numerous phone conversations, I began to notice the same sentiment being shared with me over and over again. “If I could just get my girlfriend to try Vaginal Renewal Complex also, I know she would feel so much better.” Being all too familiar with the hoplessness that ongoing vaginal dryness can cause, I realized that a new user may not want to commit to an entire month’s supply initially. So we created a new introductory 10-Pack for only $59.99. When used as directed, they will begin to feel renewed and restored within two weeks (if used 5 times a week).

Turn Dry into Divine

Because our bodies are all different, the effectiveness of Vaginal Renewal Complex will vary from user to user. However, I have had women tell me that all it took was 3 applications and they already started to feel better.

Included in the New VRC Introductory offer is 10 pre-filled applicators, 2 Inner Intimates panty liners, instructional brochure and a discount coupon towards the next full month’s supply of VRC.

We are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN: Join me in my mission to reach every woman suffering in silence and let them know that they do not have to battle vaginal dryness alone. Hopefully our new introductory size will make this solution even easier.


Olga Cohen

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Author: Olga Cohen

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