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The Anatomy of the Vagina

A recent article in Woman’s Health magazine talks about the anatomy of the vagina. “Female Anatomy: Your Ultimate Guide” BY Nicole Beland.  Wow, it sounds amazing and gave me a little tingle.  I truly think that our vaginas are unique.

anatomy of the vagina

 I spoke with a woman last week. She said that she had always heard about men with erectile dysfunction, but never imagined vaginal dryness and the effect it would have on her.  She said “I never realized that at some point in time sex would feel like I am having intercourse with a razor blade.” So I can say that I loved the explicit description of our body parts and how they work, in the article, but you can only accomplish that when your body and mind are in sync.  Women tell me all the time that they would love to have sex, but the vaginal dryness and the pain, takes all the pleasure away.

 In saying that, our user is pleased with her results and actually called for a reorder of another month’s supply of Vaginal Renewal Complex.

I feel so good when I hear stories like hers.   Ms. Beland calls our vaginas the VIP lounge. Well, ladies under the right circumstances we can all enjoy the VIP pleasures.

Author: Olga Cohen

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