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Straight Talk On Women’s Health And Wellness With Dr. Miriam Greene

Every time I appear on Dr. Greene’s sirius radio XM show Doctor Radio: Sexual Health and Gynecology, I get an abundance of calls and emails, such as this one:

“I’m looking forward to using your product!  We were on the road listening when you were on Doctor Radio and my husband was amazed at how frank, sensible, sensitive, caring and informative the program was.  This was a dramatic contrast to another program on men’s health which preceded Dr. Green’s hour.  Thank you for your participation, and for taking the long and hard road to product development for us all.”  (Thanks CK from San Diego California).

Dr. Miriam Greene

Dr. Greene has been my doctor of over 25 years.  She delivered my twin grandsons and one of my granddaughters.  Her compassion and dedication is shown in how she treats her patients.   The way she is in the delivery room is the same as how she is in her office or for that matter on her show. Her knowledge not only includes her expertise with medical facts as it relates to women, but her common sense with women’s health issues is remarkable.

After I started researching different oils and working with Dr. Leo Galland, I went for my six month check-up.  I was well into my 60’s and she had seen the progression of what an early menopause did to my body. She did her examination and said; “What did you do to your vagina, it looks really good.”  She then tried it herself and liked the results so much, she became involved in my mission by endorsing Vaginal Renewal Complex to her patients.  By the way, she also loves the Vaginal Wash with sponge.

I have been on several other radio shows but this one we actually speak directly with callers who have questions.  There is never a subject that is taboo.  Dr. Greene answers them honestly and directly, and she always lets her guest speaker do the same within their expertise.

I have always prided myself on being available to speak with anyone who wishes to talk with me, via phone or email.  But when it comes to answering a medical question, I always pose it to the expert.  This has been truly an informative learning experience, not only to hear her response, but to get the reaction of the receiver asking the question.

Every time I get a call thanking me and Dr. Greene for helping find a solution to their problem, I feel so lucky to have “our” Dr. Greene in my life.  I know that her mission mirrors my own to reinforce our corporate theme of WOMEN HELPING WOMEN .

My little secret:  We are proud to have Dr. Miriam Greene on our board of directors.

Listen to Sexual Health and Gynecology on doctor radio Sirius XM81 every other Monday between 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM EST

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Author: Olga Cohen

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