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Senior Sex

I like to call it mature sex.

In the recent Huffington Post article “HOW ARE VAGINAS DOING FIFTEEN YEARS AFTER THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES” (, writer Samara O’Shea mentions a book about sexuality for the more mature generation.  I really responded to that because I often speak with women who are over 60 (some younger) about the changes in their sex lives.

They don’t want to give up having sex, but they feel that their libido is winding down.  They ask me all the time if Vaginal Renewal Complex will spur those “old” feelings again.

My response to them is truly making them aware that sex is different as we age.  We need to create our own atmosphere to help stimulate the moment for both partners.

Timing is important. A candle, some music, and extra dose of VRC to lubricate and make intercourse more comfortable. Many of my clients call me back and are thrilled and some have said “is VRC an aphrodisiac.” I tell them that if that if it works that way for them, it can be whatever they want it to be.

One of my little secrets.

Author: Olga Cohen

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