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Peri to Post Menopause, Is It The Beginning Of The End?

Peri to Post Menopause, Is It The Beginning Of The End? Peri – Post Menopause; Sex Can Be Just As Good At Any Age. This Might Not Be The Beginning, But Its Definitely Not The End!

Menopause News had two interesting articles dated 12/4/13; “Could This Be Menopause? But, I am too young” and “You Can Have the Best Sex of Your Life during Menopause”.

What happened to me?
I have written so many articles about early menopause.  I was 43 years old and that was the end of my menstrual cycle.  What happened to me?  I was thrilled not to get a period but my body changed and that scared me as well.  Other than the extreme hot flashes and mood swings, the lack of estrogen and progesterone made me feel pretty awful.  If there was a menopause symptom to speak of, I had it.  Vaginal dryness, by the way, was on top of the list.

Couple in Bed
The Dryness Was Debilitating

Dr. Greene, put me on several different treatments, until we found the best solution for my body.  I had only been married, for the second time, two years and my world changed.  Sex was high on the list of priorities, but the vaginal dryness was debilitating.  Hard core hormone treatment was the solution back then and it worked to solve the immediate problem, but I never imagined staying on this type of therapy forever.

I Know What It Is Like To Question Your Femininity
25 years later, and definitely post-menopausal; off of all hormones, I know what it’s like to question your sexual femininity, but there are solutions to feeling and acting more sexual.

When I speak with women who have experienced the same lack of libido as I did, we talk about the absence of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone and the toll it takes on one’s body.  Dr. Greene prescribed a compounded testosterone gel that I would place on my inner thighs each day.  But as we age we must find our own comfort level when having sex.  It is true that as we age, we look to achieve that closeness with your partner. Re-defining how to make love by lighting a candle, playing beautiful music, taking your time to find pleasure in your partner, is so important.

RomanceMoving Beyond The Quick-Fix 
When referring to the article “You can have the best sex of your life during menopause”, they suggest using a lubricant to enhance intercourse if you are experiencing vaginal dryness. They all say, try different lubricants.  Well, let me tell you ladies (and gentlemen), I tried them all!!  Most of them I did not care for so that’s when I started researching alternatives that would not make me feel slimy.

When I first created Vaginal Renewal Complex, I did so for my own personal use.  I couldn’t stand how I felt with those water based cold gels.  But then I realized that not only was I creating something that made sex pleasurable again, and did not interfere with those intimate moments that I had created, but most of all I found it to be a SOLUTION and not just a quick fix until the next time; it truly changed my body.

My Little secret: One of the advantages of growing older is that you know what you like and you have enough maturity to express to your partner what makes you feel good.  Benefit from that confidence and allow yourself the pleasure that follows.

Remember that with the help of Vaginal Renewal Complex, vaginal dryness can be eliminated naturally.  Give yourself the gift that you so deserve and take advantage of our holiday discounts.

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All of us at Grohen Technologies would like to thank you for three wonderful years of Inner Intimate Brands and look forward to this upcoming year.


Author: Olga Cohen

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