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Our bodies are like a fine oiled machine…

I just came back from my weekly dance class.  It’s a wonderful, free form dance called “Danskinetics”.  It teaches us to become one with our bodies through interpretive dance, including some yoga and stretch.  We dance with a group of amazing women (some of whom now use Vaginal Renewal Complex themselves) and range in age from 30 to 80.

This form of dance is becoming well known through out the US

It’s one of the ways I  keep my body healthy.  Our bodies are like a fine oiled machine, if we exercise and keep toned we will feel better.  

This new project is an adventure for me that is inspiring.  Women thank me when I speak or blog with them.  We have a right to feel good at any age.  Join me on this exciting adventure. 

Author: Olga Cohen

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