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Olga’s Secret For Gynecological Surgery Recovery


I was talking to a woman this week that is on our auto ship program (every 30 days).  She loves the results of Vaginal Renewal Complex® and has been on our program for about a year.

She has undergone a couple of surgeries of a gynecological nature.  After her proceduresVaginal Renewal Complex in the Bath she was unable to use Vaginal Renewal Complex® internally until she healed.  But in the interim period she opted to use our blend of natural oil blend externally to soothe the incisions, with the approval of her doctor, and found it helped in the healing process.

She even put some of our Vaginal Renewal Complex® in the bath water and found it refreshing and made the affected area feel better.

This of course makes all the sense when you think of Dr. Galland’s reasoning for using these particular natural oils.  If Vaginal Renewal Complex® helps heal the vaginal walls why would it not help externally as well?

This particular client also loves our Vaginal Wash and uses it as an all over body cleanser.  She shared her little secret with me and told me that she uses our loofa on her arms, chest and legs, which gently exfoliates her skin and leaves it clean and very smooth.

Thanks E.G. from New York for your helpful hints.

When I recommend how to use Vaginal Renewal Complex®, I usually tell women to insert, plunge, wipe the excess oil away, and I say “you’re good to go.”  But what I am now realizing is that the painful vaginal dryness not only exists internally but for some can also affect them externally. I have had several women comment that they like when the natural oils coat the outer area of the vagina so they do not wipe away the excess, but use it to soften the outer walls as well.

Now I am sharing THEIR little secret.



Author: Olga Cohen

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