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Menopause, Mother Nature and Holiday Madness

Holiday Madness and Self-Care
de-stress during the holidaysWell we made it through Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Like so many women that I talk to, I find remembering “me” during the holiday season to be the most challenging.  This year was no different.

While prepping and preparing my holiday meal and entertaining guests, I forgot to use my Vaginal Renewal Complex for almost a week. But sure enough my body reminded me!

Am I Forgetting Something?
natural oils spa treatmentFrom Black Friday to New Years, we are all so busy. Menopausal and post-menopausal women are no strangers to forgetfulness. Vaginal dryness and other symptoms of hormonal imbalance are the last thing you need this time of year. If this should happen to you, don’t fret, your vagina will not shrivel up. Just pop one in and let the magic happen naturally.

There are no restrictions on how much or how little we choose to use VRC. One of the most frequent questions I get is “does it stain?”. Remember, VRC is manufactured using natural oils and ingredients, it does not contain unnecessary additives for coloring. So you may find VRC to be a bit yellowish in color. If you should experience leakage after inserting Vaginal Renewal Complex, I have always recommended using a panty liner to insure that it does not stain your light color underwear or clothing. Remember the natural discharge we had when we were young and moist, it will start to come back after a time, while using VRC. The alternative is vaginal dryness and as we know that is not pleasant. I guess Mother Nature did have a way of handling these little problems.

My little secret: Insert Vaginal Renewal Complex in the morning. Our natural muscle contraction will allow the product to leak less and absorb into the tissue and do its MAGIC.

Author: Olga Cohen

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