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National Menopause Awareness Month 2015

Menopause Awareness Month

I wonder why, when I read about menopause, the professionals always seem to talk about weight gain (Menopot), sleepless nights, mood swings, and hot flashes. All of these symptoms are directly related to the decrease in estrogen levels which really takes its toll on our bodies.

When I entered menopause, I was very lucky because I did not experience any weight gain; though I must say, I watched what I ate and worked out several times a week, and still do. I also never had any trouble sleeping. Even to this day, I close my eyes and in 30 seconds I’m in a deep sleep and wake up 8 hours later–I’m very lucky!

But those mood swings and hot flashes–they were just awful! I survived the mood swings, but after 27 years since I had a period, I still get hot flashes (hate ‘em!). I have learned to live with them, but it doesn’t make me happy. In the summer, I dress with comfortable cotton clothes. Long past are the days when I can pull on a turtle neck sweater and cozy up on a cold Winter’s day.side effects

But, I wonder why nobody talks about vaginal dryness, which is also caused by the loss of estrogen in our bodies. That affected me greatly, which can be added to the other symptoms I mentioned. Younger women that I speak with, many of them fall into the category of peri-menopause; they are just entering menopause and have not experienced all the symptoms I refer to, but they are on their way (vaginal dryness is on top of their list).

I have read that the process from peri- to full menopause can take, in some cases, up to 10 years. However, for me it happened so instantaneously, that one day I had a period and the next it just went away, That’s when I started having symptoms. Good thing I had Dr. Greene to help me through it, because women just didn’t talk as openly as they do today. Finding a solution to help solve at least one of my issues, vaginal dryness, was a priority.

Vaginal Renewal Complex with its five natural ingredients did just that for me, and I felt compelled to bring it to other women. NATIONAL MENOPAUSE AWARENESS MONTH is such important tool to help women talk about menopause and how it affects us.

My little secret: I’m going to keep working on natural remedies for us to share as women; to keep our bodies healthy and vibrant.


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Author: Olga Cohen

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