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My Name Tag Should Have Read “The Vagina Lady”

50th ReunionIt’s a milestone when one celebrates their 50th High School Re-union.

OK, I admit it; I just went to my re-union a couple of weeks ago!!  Does that make me ancient?

I was nervous; I wanted to make sure I looked my best.  I did double exercise, I sprayed tanned and had my hair done to perfection.

I was actually lucky, because I had reconnected with several women and men prior to meeting all the other 180 students who were coming to the event. It was a week- end of celebration, with a lot of “Oh my goodness, I would never have recognized you, or OMG you are blonde!”

Name TagAs I was walking around the cocktail party Friday night, I was stopped by a woman who said she did not remember knowing me in high school and then gave me her name.  I did not know her either but we greeted each other and as I was walking away, she said; wait a minute, are you “The vagina lady”?

That stopped me cold in my tracks.  I said, I am and I have a product that is created for women’s health to help eliminate vaginal dryness.  The gentleman sitting next to her (I did not know him either in school) started to blush at the forbidden word.  I looked at him and told him that he was not alone in feeling uncomfortable about talking about vaginas, but it truly is the most natural thing.

I was thrilled that someone knew what my mission was about. Others also came over wanting to know all about Vaginal Renewal Complex.  The most interesting event was that evening when I was chatting with a male classmate who was married to someone who also graduated with our class, asked me about my business (as people were coming up to me questioning my most unusual choice for a product line), the moment I started telling him about Vaginal Renewal Complex and how I started my business, he immediately began relaying his wife’s story of her cervical cancer and her hysterectomy.

He said she had such fear of drying up and that sex would be impossible or painful.  I couldn’t believe the ease in which he told me their story. I had not spoken to this couple in 50 years!!!  I have written so many articles about both men and women who share their issues with me but never with anyone that I knew or up front face to face.  It was inspiring!!

People want to talk about their issues with vaginal dryness and sexuality. He smiled and told me that she did not suffer from that condition after all.

I was happy for them both, but so many women do suffer from vaginal dryness due to menopause, surgeries, or cancers.  I left my re-union having handed out many cards with our web site on it and could not believe how open these men and women are about their most personal stories.

MY LITTLE SECRET:  Help me in getting the word out there.  Don’t blush, just tell your friends to call The Vagina Lady.




Author: Olga Cohen

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