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My Inspiration, My Mentor…My Mother

I am one of those lucky people who have both my parents. My father is almost 97 and Mom is 91.

My mother taught me how to take pride in my body and how to keep my body looking and feeling good. She always set a good example:

Jack LaLanne Exercising
The Jack LaLanne Show

I remember when I was a small child I would go off to school as Mom was turning the television on to exercise with Jack LaLanne.  That took place every day and for ½ hour she concentrated on her routine.

When she would go out, which was almost every Saturday night, she would prep herself by putting her feet up high on her headboard with cool tea bags on her eyes.

Tea Bags on your eyes reduces dark circles
Tea Bags on your eyes reduces dark circles

She said that would keep them looking young and it would get rid of the dark circles.  She moisturized her body and feet every day with pure oil. She told me that it was so important to keep our bodies hydrated. I would follow her around, imitating whatever she did.  She would always say “Do it now, so you will be ready when you grow up.” And I did.

Mom roller skated to the age of 82 and played tennis every day, until she was 84 years old.

Today, at 91, she is as strong as ever.  She still walks every day and gardens in the spring and summer and — believe it or not — jump ropes.  Mom says it makes her feel good.

My Mom was, when she was young, magnificently beautiful, and is still absolutely the same today.

Just think what it would have been like if that generation had Vaginal Renewal Complex.  There was nothing for hot flashes and vaginal dryness but hard core hormones, no alternatives.

She has been my inspiration in helping me bring Olga’s little secrets to you. Tell me who inspires you on Twitter by using the hashtag #olgassecret 

Author: Olga Cohen

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