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50 Years, doesn’t that number sound like something you would relate to your parents? Well, I am involved in planning our 50th high school reunion for next year.  50 years, where did the time go.  It seemed as if I blinked and I was all grown up! People are blogging back and forth; others are reacquainting themselves with lost classmates.  It is amazing to see how their lives have evolved; many became doctors, artists, writers, and other types of professionals.

In some cases, I feel as if I have new (old) friends.  I know that I will not lose contact again.  This week 9 women (many of who have not seen each other in about 48 years) are gong out to dinner. What fun.

Most of what my new/old girl friends have in common today is our health.  The women I have connected with exercise eat right and are on top of how they want to feel and look.  And they do look great!!  I feel good about myself.  I like the fact that I work hard to look better.  I like keeping my body (internally as well as externally) looking good.  You know that Vaginal Renewal Complex helps me internally, but I also take a private class for stretch, visualization, meditation, and a weekly dance class.  I work out at my gym as well. That’s good for my mind and body.

Time marches on, but I am determined to slow the progression down.

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Author: Olga Cohen

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