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Moments Like This Make My Vision A Reality

Painful SexThis past week I received a call from this client who has been on our program for a couple of months. We had spoken several times about her condition and her frustration that she just could not have sexual relations with her husband due to extremely painful intercourse.  When the phone rang and I heard her voice, I could tell she had a smile from ear to ear.  She said…”You won’t believe this, but…”  After hearing what she had to say, I asked her to share her story:

It is moments such as this that make my mission to bring RELIEF to every woman suffering from VAGINAL DRYNESS a reality.

Here is her story:

I have had a history of hormonal imbalance since I was a teenager.  I was placed on the birth control pill at age 16 and continued on and off with it until I was 53.   Unless I was trying to have children, I was taking the pill to control my periods and estrogen levels.  Everything was going well until I finally went off the pill for good.

Almost immediately, my vagina began to change.  It lost moisture and began to tear.  I went from doctor to doctor.   Their advice consisted of telling me just to relax and things would return to normal, to use a squeeze bottle of mineral oil before sex and of course, start using estrogen creams.

The relaxing didn’t work.  How could it?  Things hurt!!  The mineral oil did nothing and I refused to use estrogen creams based on a family history of breast cancer.  As it was, I had stayed on the pill a very long time just to keep things regular.  I didn’t want any more hormones.

Better SexI started using Inner Intimates as a last resort.  I used it for two months.   My husband and I had pretty much given up on sex, so I was in no rush to see if this product worked.  I was scared.

Before I even received my second shipment, I found myself in an intimate situation with my husband. I was really doubtful how things would turn out. Boy was I ever wrong!  I just have to say, I felt things I hadn’t felt in years.   I was smiling the whole way and after speaking with my husband afterwards, he too noticed a big difference.

Needless to say, this product works very well for me.  I would encourage any woman with similar issues to give it a try.  It’s really like getting a huge part of your life, which you thought was lost, back again.   Very easy to use, not messy and hormone free!

Just a side note; NEVER would I suggest using mineral oil as a moisturizer because it tends to clog the pores and does not absorb into the body tissue;

 My little secret: I, of course use mineral oil to remove my eye make-up.  It’s quite smooth and not abrasive, then I cleanse my face:



Author: Olga Cohen

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