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Menopause Madness: The Weight Gain

I am so thrilled to once again welcome Dr. Miriam Greene M.D. as a contributor to the Olga’s Secret blog. Dr. Greene has played a pivotal role in the development of Inner Intimates and she is truly dedicated to helping women feel empowered during this change called menopause.

Menopause Madness: The Weight Gain
By Dr. Greene 

Menopause Weight GainWeight gain seems to take up much of my time in the office. Many of my ladies simply complain of weight gain after menopause. I actually was asked to give a patient a prescription for Adderall in order for her to lose weight.  Adderall is an ADD drug not a weight lose drug. But she had heard that it helps you lose weight.  For the record, it does not.

The patient stated that she has tried everything!  But simply cannot get down to where she was prior to menopause. Sound familiar?

I Simply Cannot Lose The Weight
The unfortunate news is that this is an actual side effect of menopause. When I went thru menopause I quickly gained 7 lbs. I did not pass go or collect 200 dollars.  Boom! Just gained the weight. Okay I am not exploding with the 7 lbs.  But no matter what I do I simply cannot lose it.

EmpoweredThe New Menopausal Blueprint
Why? you say. Because our basal metabolic rate slows down after menopause and poof you’re a cream puff. Accepting a few extra pounds may be the easiest part. The biggest challenge is replacing everything that you have been doing for your body, in terms of diet and exercise, with a new set of menopausal blueprints. There is no easy way to say this, but you will need to watch what you are eating, how much you are eating… and exercising is no longer optional, it is mandatory.

Dr. Greene’s Practical Advice
During this transformation, your body will become less tolerate to carbohydrates or dairy products. I have found that the South Beach diet works well with reducing the intake of carbs and dairy, as well getting your eating habits under control. The first two weeks are strict. But definitely doable!

Walk Away From Big Portions
The key is to limit the amount of food in front of at any given time. Literally walking away from the portions or removing it from house or table at a restaurant will make a huge difference. If the food is sitting there and you will feel obligated to eat it. You are not going to die of starvation I promise.

Remove The Bread From The Table
Out to eat. I will usually order 2 appetizers. If the entree looks spectacular I will order it because you should never deny yourself anything (that’s where the diet fails) and I just eat half, taking the other half home. I always order wine but I sip it slowly with the meal and never finish the glass. I will have 3 ounces though. The bread is always removed from the table because that could be a big downfall for many people.

Save Dessert For Home
Dessert? I usually save that for home. I bought these delicious fudge bars from whole foods, which are 100 calories. That is my treat.

So while a struggle it can be done. Make sure you have no medical problems that prevent you from losing weight such as a slow thyroid or glucose intolerance. Go slow and don’t give up. Take it day by day.

~Dr. Greene

Author: Olga Cohen

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